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The Islamic Republic of Iran is a vast territory of about 70 million population which is rich of oil, gas, copper, steel, petrochemical products, etc. and a large amount of imports-exports. Accordingly, it is both a destination and transit point for ocean carriers that of course frequently give rise to shipping claims.

These are mainly for damage incurred to cargo, short delivery of consignment, general average, collision with jetty, failure to fight fire, rain, storm, sea perils and other incidents.



In such cases where usually the plaintiffs are Iranian public or private sector the vessel is detained upon the court's injunction order and after some time released when the Club deposits Bank Guarantee equivalent to the amount of claim. Subsequently, the court sets a hearing on the case and often experts are appointed to assess the real or alleged losses.

Law Office of A. Bernardi and Associates is well known as specialist of Maritime Law and in that capacity has represented the owners in a large number of cases.

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